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Tim Baxter, Dr Ann Holder and Gareth Moss were absent on the day of the photograph

Caroline McCahill and Craig Hutton are also observers and Deborah Hogan and Ewa Ostrynska are Ex Officio.

Name Role Length of Service What I enjoy about being a Governor
Marcia Marshall Co-Chair of Governors

Link Governor for Safer Recruitment and Safeguarding

17 years One of the main reasons I enjoy being a governor of the Federation of St Bede’s and St Bernadette Schools is to help the schools achieve their aims as outlined in the Mission Statement.  The work as a governor impacts on the learning and development of the pupils.  Although governors do not have day-to-day contact with the pupils, there are opportunities for Learning visits to the schools and these are opportunities to see and meet the staff and pupils and to witness the amazing things which are being done in each classroom.

Having been a teacher, I know it is not an easy role but being involved as a governor I hope I can act as a “critical friend” to the Headteacher and to understand the pressures the staff face, particularly during SATS week.  As a governor it is a great opportunity to encourage, appreciate and thank the staff for the hard work they do.

I enjoy being part of a team who is working to improve the life chances of all the children and I like being a governor because I am a part of helping the schools to teach and develop the children to the best of their abilities.

Meabh Quiorin Co-Chair of Governors 8 years Why I enjoy being a Governor of the Federation: I love working on the strategic vision of our two schools and seeing how our children will benefit next from a relentless commitment to a truly brilliant education. Our governors are a pleasure to work with, but the best bit is seeing it all in action when we go into visit Assemblies, School Performances & Governor competitions.
Dr Ann Holder Foundation Governor and Link governor for Health and Safety 1 year I enjoy being a governor because it is giving something very positive to the community and parish but also helps form children for the future and their future in society. It is what I enjoyed so much in higher education seeing students blossom and develop and as a governor, although not a front line role as the teachers, it is still a very positive input.
Anna Spinelli Parent Governor and Link Governor for Staff Wellbeing 2 years As a parent I am only aware of a cross section of what happens within the school community. As a parent governor I have a 360 degree view of the Federation and how our core values and our childrens’ educational and developmental needs are being met. I get to see what the students get up to in school, their achievements and their accomplishments – and I love it. It has increased my appreciation of the work of all staff and governors and strengthened my commitment to really get ‘stuck in’ to support and grow our schools.
Chris Brew Graves Foundation Governor 4 years Why I enjoy being a governor: I believe we must all play a role in our community. The environment on a smaller scale. We must not only take, we must always give back. As a parent I must lead by example and show my daughter what a full life looks like. My things are: education, children and health, being a governor brings everything I stand for together, what’s not to like?
Gareth Moss Associate Governor 3 years

(2 years as staff governor)

Joining the governing board has been one of the most interesting things I’ve done as an educator (outside of the classroom, of course) and has given me far greater insight into what it takes to run a school than I had from the chalk face. The governors have a great passion for the federation and it’s a privilege to work alongside such a diverse group of people with a common goal for the ongoing successes of all our children, staff and the members of our wider community.

As a former St Bernadette teacher, it’s lovely for me to maintain my link with the school both personally and professionally and it’s exciting to see how the challenging decisions made by the board and facilitated by the senior leadership team are having a continual positive impact on teaching and learning across the federation.

Aleksandra Onyemerekwe Staff Governor 3 years I have been teaching for nearly 20 years and The Federation of St. Bede’s and St. Bernadette are by far my most favourite schools. In a climate of performance-driven agenda there are still many attributes that might outweigh or even enable the very best for everyone involved. Exercising a little wisdom and discernment helps me think in a more deeply Christian way and commit to serving the common good through governance. This is a ‘calling from God’. It was Jesus who said “Someone who is faithful in a small matter will also be faithful in a large one.” Luke 16.10
Fr Marcus Holden Foundation Governor

Chaplain and Link Governor for RE

First year I’m passionate about good Catholic education where Christ is at the centre of everything and where all we do flows from our faith.

The parish/school/family bond is very important to me.

Mary Thoreau Foundation Governor

Chair of Staffing Sub Committee

Link Governor for SEND

3 years The Federation of St Bede’s and St Bernadette is a very special place in which to develop and learn. I love the commitment, passion and devotion of all the Federation staff and the eagerness and enthusiasm of the children. Yes, as a Governor there are lots of meeting where policies are discussed and agreed and data analysed – all necessary so that we Governors can truly support the Headteachers, teachers and staff; this is always done with children at the forefront of our thoughts and decisions. The best part of being a governor though, is meeting the children on Learning Walks and school outings, being part of their celebration of the Mass and having the pleasure of attending their wonderful performances throughout the year. They always impress me with their attitude to learning and their sheer pleasure in being the best they can be.  It is wonderful to be part of their development as they go about their daily life at school seeing them grow in confidence and ability on their journey to becoming caring Catholics and responsible citizens It’s a privilege to play even a small part in this journey.
Irene Carbin Foundation Governor 6 years To be added
Sharon Murphy Parent Governor 5 years I have always enjoyed playing a part in my children school and working closely with other parents and to help with parent’s participation. .By being a parent governor I have the opportunity to make a difference in our children’s school community.


Tim Baxter LA Governor   To be added
Paulette Caesar Associate Governor 2 years I enjoy being a governor because it enables me to work collaboratively with others to raise standards of education and achieve the best outcomes for children.


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