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PE Funding – Expenditure

Physical Education Funding – Planned Expenditure 2017 – 2018

The Department for Education provides specific physical education (PE) funding to enhance the core PE provision within schools to ensure that pupils are more physically active, thus building confidence, enhancing pupil learning experiences and improving the health and physical well being of children whilst at school

 It has been confirmed that from September 2017 the PE and Sport Premium will be doubled, to help further improve physical education and outdoor play in England and to prevent childhood obesity and encourage children to lead more active lives, starting at school.

It is part of our school strategy to tackle obesity and support our Healthy School approach, as well as working with Lambeth on mental health programmes to ensure children have the strategies to be confident and healthy, both physically and mentally.

Funding received:

2016-2017 2017-2018
£8,601 £ 13,607


Our Aims:

At St Bede’s we aim for all children to enjoy and develop positive attitudes to Physical Education and sport in order to improve fitness, health and well-being and allow each child to fulfil their potential.

To introduce new sports or activities and encourage more pupils to take up sport, recognising that Physical Education has a positive influence on concentration, behaviour and academic achievement.

To support and involve the least active children in school clubs and holiday clubs.

Impact of funding 2016-2017

Project Breakdown of Activity Cost  Impact
Lunch time Sports Coach Working with groups of children at lunchtime to develop sports skills and enjoyment of games

Training children in specific skills for competitive sports

Identifying more able children to attend sports training


£7072 The profile of PE and sport was raised further across the school as a tool for whole school improvement/

increased participation in competitive sport

The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity and more girls participating in sports  was evident


More structured games and access to a variety of different sports aided development of skills and strategies which was then evident in PE lessons and break time play across the key stages


Morning Movers  Wide range of early morning pre start of school exercise classes



1 hour per week (coach)

Regular access to morning exercise class for children and parents. More parents engaging this year and a marked improvement in lateness % being down from last year  due to parents coming in earlier for the class

Increase in motivation and increased attention among children/children more focussed and ready to learn

PE Resources Footballs, hoops, skipping ropes, carousel

Circus  and Drama Movement workshops


Pedal bikes, Push bikes, Futsals, New goals









Resources to facilitate extended physical play

To further development physical movement and skills.




Together with the installation of the new playground over the summer holidays, children now have access to a range of PE resources and games for break times

The netting over the football pen and the purchase of futsals has meant less lost balls and more enjoyment of the game


Staff training CPD sessions to improve the delivery of PE lessons

Training for NQT’s

£500 Children have made accelerated progress in PE and understand the importance of physical activity on their health and well being


Children’s achievement in PE lessons is at least in line with national expectations


Teachers are more confident in delivering PE lessons


Cycle/Scooter training- Lambeth KS1 children/parents to participate in Lambeth programme £0 Increased participation in using bikes and scooters to and from school

Reduction of children travelling to school by car


Increase in levels of fitness

Total Spend:




Planned Expenditure 2017 – 2018:

At St Bede’s the majority of the funding will be used to continue to provide a specialist PE coach during lunch breaks, to teach and facilitate a comprehensive programme of daily team sports to all of our Reception to Y2 pupils e.g. football, tag rugby, netball, basketball, rounder’s, hockey, cricket, teaching children new sports they may not be able to access elsewhere.

The school also has a morning exercise class, ‘Morning Movers’ which is supported by our allocated PE funding, which will continue into 2018.

Children will continue to be encouraged to attend after school clubs, including football, street dance, ballet, salsa, gymnastics and athletics.

The extra funding we will receive will be spent on Yoga classes for our children, to go side by side with Lambeth’s Mental Health and Well Being programme, being implemented in schools this year.


Project Breakdown of activity Cost forecast Expected impact
1. Raise the profile of PE and sport  across the school as a tool for whole School Improvement
Lunchtime Sports Coach to continue and build on successes of previous year Lunch time sports activities to continue to provide more structured play.


Sports coach to work more closely with PE lead to develop links with other schools in the Catholic cluster for inter school competitions







All children to have access to Sports activities at lunch time and the opportunity to compete against other schools

A positive influence on concentration, behaviour and academic  achievement and well being



` Develop playground leaders to lead games and activities at break times £420 Developed confidence of children to lead games and developed leadership qualities such as organisation, communication, co-operation and a sense of responsibility


Opportunity for all children to work together, promoting integration and social inclusion and citizenship


Reduced number of playground incidents and the ‘boredom’ factor


Children able to practice strategies and skills learnt with Lunchtime coach and in PE lessons and be able to impart these to their peers


Active Sports Club activities and Morning Movers sessions to continue Continue with a wide range of early morning pre start of school exercise classes for both children and parents


£1,365 Regular access to morning exercise class for children and parents. More parents to be encouraged to engage this year and improvement in lateness %to reduce even further

Increased  motivation and increased attention among children/children more focussed and ready to learn at the start of the day

PE Resources






Staff training

PE equipment and resources



5 x CPD sessions to improve the delivery of PE lessons

Training for NQT’s

Training for new PE lead/ shadowing and working together with other PE leads in other schools







£1,000 – release costs for staff

To provide a wider range of PE and sports equipment to challenge and improve skills and fitness


Link with other schools in the Cluster

Opportunity to work with others and share skills and good practice


2.Strengthen the physical and mental health and wellbeing of every child in the school
Yoga sessions for KS1 children Training for teachers and support staff


2 sessions weekly for KS1 classes in the Autumn and Spring terms, then also rolled out to Reception in the Summer term


Cost £400









To enhance children’s flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness physically


To improve children’s concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation in order to have strategies to deal with everyday pressures both at school and at home.

Health and Well Being programme  link Cost of staff training shared with  PSHCE budget:

1)ELSA training (supporting emotional literacy)

2)Michelle Boreland training (Health Education Link Service Lambeth NHS Hurley Clinic)

3)Head First Training












Funding received


£ 13,607 Total Spend Predicted £20,080




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