School Council

Here at St. Bede’s the School Council exists to give all students a voice and to provide a forum to share ideas and express opinions on how to continue making St. Bede’s the best school possible.

To represent that ‘voice’, the children in each class choose two school councilors who then meet regularly to discuss, arrange and organise any important business happening within school.

The members then communicate their thoughts, ideas and improvements to the school’s senior management team. They have made excellent recommendations to help develop the school and most recently they have helped to improve the playtime timetable as well as suggesting activities for the school calendar and feedback on school dinners.


St. Bede’s – Key Stage 1 School Council Members:



         St. Bede’s – Foundation Stage School Council Members:



If you have a problem, we are here to help!

If you have a suggestion, please tell us!

We meet with  Mrs Peters to share all of your ideas. We are your voice!