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Eco School Programme

At St Bede’s we recognise the importance of educating children on how to look after our planet by promoting sustainability at school and within local community.

In 2013 we registered with Eco Schools England and in 2015, we have been awarded a SILVER AWARD for our hard work.

As an Eco School we make sure that Eco School topics such as Energy, Water, Biodiversity, School Grounds, Healthy Living, Transport, Litter, waste and Global citizenship are taught in all year groups either via curriculum, assemblies or during our annual Eco Day.

Our Eco School Council together with Staff and a group of committed and enthusiastic Parents help us to integrate sustainable practices in our school by following our Eco School Action Plan.


Eco Code

All year groups at our school took an active part in creating our Eco Code. First the classes were asked to create their own Eco Codes and the best one was chosen carefully by our School and Eco Councils.

Now our very own St Bede’s Eco Code can be seen in the school foyer and in every class.

St. Bede’s Eco-Code        

 Going for green

 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

 Electricity off >> Energy Saved

 Enjoy walking >> Enjoy talking

 Never waste!


 Follow the Eco-Code!

 Look after animals and plants

 Always turn off the taps

 Grow your own!


The children in our school read the Eco Code along with our Core Values and School Creed on a regular basis to remind them of the importance of protecting environment we live in as well as about leaving healthy lifestyle.

During our annual Eco Day children will have a chance to read our Eco Code and discuss the meaning of all statements that are included in our Eco Code and how we can follow it on an everyday basis.

Eco Rating:

Click on the link below to see our Eco Rating:

EcoSchool Rating

eco school silver


Our Eco-School Achievements:

  • Secure grant from Recycle Bank for purchase of our greenhouse
  • Recycling bins for paper and compost in each class
  • Secure a grant from Growing Kitchens towards building our new growing boxes in the Secret Garden
  • Display Energy Certificate (DEC)


Our Eco-School Aims:

  • To imbed Eco School ethos securely across the whole school among pupils and staff
  • To grow food according to our School Growing calendar and to sell our produce
  • to use our Secret Garden as an outdoor classroom
  • to continue with our initiatives like Walking and Rolling to school breakfasts and training for pupils
  • following the 3Rs principle (Reduce, reuse, recycle) in our daily school routines
  • to install energy saving bulbs across the whole school and in future solar panels to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Encourage more pupils to walk, scoot or cycle by providing professional training (Bike-It, Scooter Training, Pedestrian Safety Training)


 More details to follow soon…