Approach to Teaching of Maths at St. Bede’s

At St Bede’s maths is taught as a subject in its own right. We want to enable pupils to see that Mathematics can be a way of viewing and making sense of the world and to be able to think logically, use mathematical
language with confidence and to enjoy investigating, problem solving and developing their own methods for calculation.

We use a systematic and exciting approach to learning in maths called Big Maths. Big Maths is a teaching approach that makes progress in maths easy and fun. The Big Maths strategy is a systematic approach to teaching key numerical skills. Number based lessons are broken into 4 sections using the CLIC approach. CLIC stands for:

Counting is a key skill for all children from Nursery (counting objects) to Year Six (counting in fractions). This is a short section of the lesson.
Learn Its are key facts which all children need to know. These are
broken into termly chunks. In a Big Maths lesson a single Learn It is taught using a variety of strategies.
It’s Nothing New part of the lesson links the skills that the children
already have to the learning in the next part of the lesson.
Calculations is the final part. In this part of the lesson children develop strong calculation skills.