Friends of St Bede’s

Welcome to Friends of St Bede’s (FoSB)

What is FoSB?

Friends of St Bede’s (FoSB) was set up by parents to raise money to help make our children’s learning experiences the best that they can be and at the same time providing an opportunity for families, parents, children and staff of St Bede’s to come together socially to enjoy and celebrate the school community.


In recent years fundraising has provided the school with a fabulous Reading Hut in the playground for the children; affordable school trips for all and an iPad for each class.
In 2014-15 FoSB are continuing to fundraise to buy additional iPads so classes can use them for group work and to make trips more affordable for all. Additionally, FoSB would like to ensure that before children move on to Junior School, they have the opportunity to go to a Pantomime.

How we fundraise

FoSB fundraise regularly through a range of events including cake sales in the autumn and summer terms; photos and dvds of the Christmas plays, Christmas cards, photo portraits from Starsnappers and framed artwork in the summer term.
We also provide refreshments at many school events such as the September Parent Workshops, Christmas plays and the Easter Parade.

Social Events

FoSB is keen to bring families, parent, children and staff together socially at different times of the year and we try to offer a range of events from a welcome barbeque, coffee mornings, film nights and international evenings.

Getting Involved

FoSB is currently in need of active support from parents and carers. As we are an infant school, sadly parents are only involved for a short time before they move on with their children to Junior school. So it is important that we have as many parents involved in the organisation of FoSB. When your child begins their school life at St Bede’s, you automatically become a member of the Friends of St Bede’s! We expect that all parents and carers will take an active part in at least one event each year.

If you can dedicate some time to help running one event along with other parents then please:
• come forward and let your child’s class teacher know and how we can contact
• attend FoSB meetings
• Offer to be a FoSB class representative


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