Our Core Values

Our Core Values are the foundation of what we teach the children at school, and will help them to become independent and confident learners. We hope that everyone in our school community (the children, staff and parents) will use the Core Values in daily life. When we follow the Core Values, we live out the Gospel Values of Love, Peace and Justice.

Below are some examples of how the children can live out these values in school and at home. We hope that you will talk to your child about the values and that you will use the values at home to reinforce what we are teaching in school.

Please let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help!

I am Respectful
I can take pride in myself

I can try my best in all my learning
I can ask others to play with me
I can take turns with games and equipment
I can praise others when they have done something well
I can wear my uniform with pride
I can welcome visitors politely
I can look after my environment

I am Responsible
I can work on my own and I can work with others

I enjoy learning new things
I know what I have to do and I work hard at it
I know the school rules and I follow them
I can praise others when they have done something well
I know how I learn best
I like to help and I always try to do it

I am Resilient
I can stick at it

I can do it
I can set my own goals
If I don’t get it right the first time, I can try again
I can imagine how it feels to succeed
I know what I can do and what I can’t do YET
I like a challenge

I am Reflective
I can learn from mistakes and plan how I can get it right next time

I know that mistakes can help me to learn
I can plan what I am going to do
I can check over my work as I do it
I like to know why things happen the way they do

Everyone Matters!
I can show respect to everyone

I know that everyone is important
I can listen to other children when they are talking
I can listen to adults when they are giving instructions