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Remembrance Day

Remembrance is part of modern British life, culture and heritage. It becomes a particular feature of the public calendar each year when public, private, formal and informal Remembrance events take place throughout the UK. Pupils from St. Bede’s and St. Bernadette met to make beautiful poppies and write a prayer for those who died. The Cross Phase afternoon finished with a 2-minute silence and a short liturgy.



Spiritual Leaders

Every child matters at St. Bede’s and it is important that they all have a voice as to spread the Gospel of the Lord. Election of the new Spiritual leaders was taken very seriously at St. Bede’s and the children had to follow the same guidelines as other election processes.
Each class put names forward for the children who wished to be elected to become a part of our Chaplaincy team.
6 children from each class were shortlisted and they had to prepare their own manifesto explaining why they would make a great Spiritual Leader.
The pupils in KS1used the Ballot Paper and marked a cross next to the name that they wished to represent them in the Chaplaincy Team. T
The cards were taken to the ‘Polling Station’ and Ms Onyemerekwe along with SLT counted the votes.

The elected Spiritual Leaders received a certificate and an official badge in a special assembly and later that week they represented our school at St. George’s Cathedral during the Beginning of A New Year Mass celebrated by Archbishop Peter Smith.




Ace of Clubs 

Ace of Clubs is a day centre for homeless and vulnerable people located near to Clapham Common. We held a whole school assembly to explain the charity’s work to the children and we invited Sarah from Ace of Clubs to talk about vulnerable people in our local community.
Thank you to all the parents who brought donations during the Harvest Festival.



Celebrating Our Federation



The Good Shepherd Liturgy

Aylesford Priory

Our Spiritual Leaders, along with the winners of the ‘All About St Bede’ and ‘A Prayer to Mary’ Competitions attended The Good Shepherd Liturgy at Aylesford Priory. This was led by Rt Rev Paul Mason.

Our children participated in the Liturgy and had a wonderful day of reflection and prayer, followed by picnic and praise!

We had a wonderful day in the sunshine. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers for coming with us.

We returned to St Bede’s with Batman, filled with the Holy Spirit following Bishop Paul’s inspiring homily! Fr Damian kindly allowed him to come back to school with us to spread the news about the power of prayer! We need to keep praying for others to continue to fill them with the Holy Spirit.




 May – The Month of Mary

May is the month in which we pray especially to Mary.

Pupils from Y1 and Y2 have written beautiful prayers to Mary and decorated the flower templates which were later used for our outstanding prayer corners. Every class has an appealing and a real tribute to Mary’s beauty and virtue. When the weather improves, the Spiritual Leaders will help decorating the Prayer Garden with those lovely flowers.

Mary is Mother –  everyone’s mother – and because she cares for all of us day-in-and-day-out without fail, interceding for us in even the tiniest matters.

For that, she deserves an entire month in her honour. 




During our Spring Cross Phase, pupils from St. Bede’s and St. Bernadette explored what it means for Jesus to be seen as ‘The Light of the World.’ 

All pupils  drew a self-portrait on a small piece of square or rectangular white paper and when they were completed, teachers helped the children to create

a collage on a huge candle for display. The candle was used in the offertory procession during the federation mass. 




During Lent, our pupil s visited our parish church to pray the stations of the cross. Children looked at a series of images depicting Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion, talked about what happened and had a chance to reflect and pray on 14 events which form the 14 stations of the cross.




During our Lenten Cross Phase Afternoon, children made crosses and coloured them with felt tip pens. Pupils from St. Bernadette helped our Nursery children to write a short message or a prayer.

The crosses were placed by the pupils in the basket for the class/ school prayer table. 

At the end of the session, teachers led in a prayer service which included the CAFOD Lenten prayer.



Lenten Almsgiving

This year, our school is supporting a charity called Catholic Children’s Society founded in 1859 , which makes it one of the oldest charities supporting disadvantaged children and families in the UK. Children at St. Bede’s have been asked to collect small coins in return of their acts of kindness. They have been encouraged  to help their parents and older siblings out at home. Even the littlest one can pitch in and feel useful, like putting the dishes at the sink and rinsing the carrots. In return, the children are given 1p or 2p coins that they have been bringing to school and putting in their class collection boxes. At the end of the Lenten season, a group of children from Y2 will weigh the boxes and count the money during a Maths lesson.



 British Values

At St Bede’s, we aim for our children to become valuable and fully rounded members of society who treat others with respect and tolerance, regardless of background. We promote the basic British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs. These are promoted through our Core Values:

We are Respectful

We are Responsible

We are Resilient

We are Reflective

Everyone Matters



 Weekly visits of our parish priests

“Where Clergy  work together in partnership with school staff, the life and mission of the church is immeasurably enhanced. This strong partnership is recognized within the Excellence: Religious Education and Spirituality published by the Education Commission in 2014”

We are happy to welcome Fr Lukasz every week after the morning registration. Fr Lukasz works closely with the school’s RE Lead and reads a bible story to the pupils. The stories are linked to the termly RE topic or to the liturgical calendar. Children always have a chance to ask questions which immensely enriches our RE provision.




On Saint Blaise’s feast day, our pupils gathered to listen to the story of St. Blaise during the morning assembly and in the afternoon, Fr Christopher and Fr Pawel  and Monsignor Leo Joseph White came to our school to bless our throats and prayed:

“Through the intercession of St. Blaise, bishop and martyr, may God deliver you from every disease of the throat and from every other illness, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

We are so delighted that this practice continues in our school and parish on St. Blaise’’s feast day. While we invoke St. Blaise for his protection against any physical ailment of the throat, we also asked his protection to support us to be kind and say only nice things.




We take pride in offering each year group to prepare their own and unique Nativity. The children have been working really hard on their Christmas shows and they were absolutely amazing. The parents, school governors, our parish priests and other guests were impressed with the quality of performances done by all year groups. They truly captured the magic of this special time for us. 




Remembrance Day

Remembrance is part of modern British life, culture and heritage. It becomes a particular feature of the public calendar each year when public, private, formal and informal Remembrance events take place throughout the UK. Pupils from St. Bede’s and St. Bernadette met to make beautiful poppies and write a prayer for those who died. The Cross Phase afternoon finished with a 2-minute silence and a short liturgy.




Every year, our pupils are invited to take part in the Rosary Challenge. This year, we asked the children to make a Rosary using different materials. The creativity of our families went beyond our expectations. We had over 100 rosaries back made out of: cereal, beads, pasts, pompoms, clay, play-doh, flowers, sticks, mountain ash paper mache…to name just a few. It was so difficult to choose the winners who got beautiful books with bible stories! Our Spiritual Leaders helped us pray with Mary using Makaton.



Ace of Clubs is a day centre for homeless and vulnerable people located near to Clapham Common. The centre is open to clients from 12-3pm Monday to Friday. It is an open access service, where lunch is served daily for a minimal charge, and advice on welfare, housing and benefits is available.
They also have access to immigration and housing solicitors, links with local services, outreach teams, drug and alcohol workers, and physical and mental health nurses visit the centre each week.
They provide showers, a clothes store and laundry facilities, and encourage the self-improvement of each of their clients through our Computer Basics, and Food Hygiene courses at the centre, as well as job search drop in sessions.
This year at St Bede’s, we held a whole school assembly to explain the charity’s work to the children. We invited Ms Sarah Miles, the centre manager, to talk about Ace of Clubs and show the children the importance of helping others. Children were asked to bring in donations of food, toiletries and household goods. We had a huge response to our request! A week later, Ms Miles visited our school again to thank all our children and their parents for all the support.



Multifaith Week 2016

We have had a wonderful week learning all about other faiths and how they are both similar and different to our own Christian faith. The children had some amazing experiences and were able to articulate their very clear definitions of tolerance and respect. We are very proud of them!



Miss Lowney’s Induction Mass

On the 8th of June, we celebrated the formal induction of Ms Laura Lowney as Co-Head Teacher of St. Bede’s Catholic Infant and Nursery School. With Principal Celebrant Bishop Patrick Lynch, the liturgy prepared and delivered by the staff and pupils of St. Bede’s inspired all present and in a prayerful and moving service Bishop Pat spoke of the importance of the school and its young people in our parish life and their reverence and spirituality so well developed for their age. Following the customary tradition the ‘School Vision’ was handed to Ms Lowney by the school Governor, Ms Lisa Newbould, and pupils recited the ‘School Creed.’ Following the mass, there was a fantastic afternoon tea.

 Thank you to everyone who attended and shared in this joyous occasion and we wish Ms Lowney all the best and every success in her new role at St.Bede’s.


Good Shepherd Liturgy 2016

 St. Bede’s, who were one of over 30 primary schools from the Archdiocese of Southwark, joined Bishop John Hine and Father Anthony Chantry to celebrate the diocesan school Good Shepherd service at The Friars in Aylesford Priory, Kent, on Wednesday 25th May 2016. Over 1000 children attended the celebration with 10 schools performing amongst which were  the children from St. Bede’s who said the Prayers of Intercession for children in the poorest areas of the world.

The annual diocesan schools Good Shepherd service has traditionally been associated with balloons, so the children were asked to write and attach a prayer to their balloons to exchange with one another. In this way, children in the Southwark Archdiocese were sharing faith – children themselves being missionaries!

This celebration was a great reminder that we belong to a universal Church and affirmed the difference we can make by sharing and praying with our brothers and sisters around the world. Our pupils were fantastic ambassadors for St. Bede’s Infant and Nursery School.




We learned about St. Blaise during our whole school assembly and then Father Lukasz came to bless our throats. We hope that Saint Blaise will protect us from getting sick like he helped a boy who was brought to him with a fishbone stuck in his throat.



As we entered into the Advent season, pupils from St. Bede’s and St. Bernadette’s for our pupils started to get ready for – look forward to – Christmas in a different way.  They were asked to create an Advent Wreath as the green colour is a symbol of hope that Christians have in God, hope of newness, of renewal, of eternal life. Full of expectations and hopes for a day when “every tear would be wiped away”, the pupils wrote their own wishes.

It was a very joyful session.

1Wishes hand 2
3 4. Advent Wishes


On the 11th November, St. Bede’s school observed a 2-minute silence at 11am to remember the people who have died in wars just as King George V asked the public for “the thoughts of everyone to be concentrated on reverent remembrance of the glorious dead” after the World War I ended in 1919.

IMG_5463 (640x480)
IMG_5469 (640x480)
We also said a prayer (see below) before a moment of reflection.

We remember those who stood for love and truth,
And thank you for the sacrifice they made for me and you.
Thank you that we can now enjoy peace and learn to love not fight,
Thank you that we can now sing and play, and not be scared or hide.

We pray for other countries where children live in fear,
And there is war and fighting and many are in tears.
Please help to make things better, and bring some peace to them.
Protect all those who try and help to make friends again.


IMG_5472 (480x640)



Well done to Ms Onyemerekwe, who has successfully completed the 2-year course in Religious Education  managed and awarded by the Board of Religious Studies on behalf of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

Good luck to Mrs Iqbal who started in September!!!



 As a Catholic school, we are always very aware of our duty to help others that are less fortunate than ourselves.

Our school along with the parish church collected clothes and toys for families who are currently camping in France and Greece. Thank you for your generosity!!!

 “I am writing to convey our thanks for the donations of clothing and other items that were picked up on Saturday and Monday – filling an otherwise empty car to capacity on both journeys. The goods are now in Kent, pending transfer to other stores before being moved across the Channel. Items for women and children will make their way to Piraeus, the port serving Athens: migrants arriving on the Greek islands are taken there by ferry. A small group of volunteer greeters makes them feel welcome and supported and provides maps, travel information and access to medical services. They also pass on essential items such as food, clothes and hygiene packs to help people survive their onward journey. With the steady increase in numbers supplies they are frequently low, and your donations will help to make up the shortfall. Goods for men will be taken to Calais, where the number encamped in squalid and unhealthy conditions has risen by 50% in the month since Archbishop Peter’s visit, now hovering around the 6000 mark.

The generous response from the people of St Bede’s is heart-warming, and evidence of their Christian concern for those in need. Donations will not only help people to keep warm and dry, but by adding to the variety of stock, they will also allow each person to have some choice in what they wear and so feel that they are individuals with at least some freedom for expression.

Thank you all!”

 ~ Phil Kerton and Ben Bano ( from  ‘Seeking Sanctuary’  in partnership with the experienced aid agency ‘Secours Catholique’)

Box (2)  SortingSorted



On the 2nd October, Ms Gillie Drinkall from CAFOD visited St. Bede’s to talk about the importance of charities.

She explained to the children that CAFOD is the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales and part of Caritas International. She showed our pupils  a beautiful PowerPoint presentation about the work involving giving hope and showing compassion to poor communities, standing side by side with them to end poverty and injustice. Inspired by Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching, and the experiences and hopes of people living in poverty, she stressed that we all need to work for a safe, sustainable and peaceful world.



TenTen Theatre – Freedom Fighter

Our children from Reception and Y1 were invited to watch a TenTen Theatre performance called “Freedom Fighter” about a girl who had enough of people telling her what to do. She never got to have the things that she wanted and she was sick of rules. So much so that she wanted to live in a world with no rules—a world of freedom! However, when her wish was suddenly granted, Ginny started to realise that “freedom” is not all that she had hoped it would be and, before long, chaos ensued.
Ten Ten Theatre is an award-winning theatre company working in primary schools, secondary schools, young offender institutions, parishes, community venues and theatres throughout the UK. It has an underlying Christian ethos rooted in the Catholic tradition. The name ‘Ten Ten’ is derived from the scripture passage John 10:10, “I have come that you may have life, life to the full.” Through all of its work, Ten Ten aims to enable participants to “live life to the full.”
This amazing performance helped children to understand the importance of rules and to see that true “freedom” comes when you are not bound by urges and desires.




A missionary group from the Institute of the Incarnate Word came to St. Bede’s parish. They visited our school between the 2nd and 15th July and spent time with our pupils singing, dancing and playing. Thank you very much for everything. Children absolutely loved it!!!



Multi Faith Week

Multi Faith Week at St Bede’s is an exciting time to learn about other faiths and cultures, so that we can be understanding and tolerant of all people in our community, as God asked us to be. Jesus told us to ‘love one another as I have loved you’ and we teach the children to love and respect all people, regardless of background, ethnicity or religious beliefs. By learning more about other faiths, we are able to see the similarity between them and also strengthen our own faith.

Children have been exploring the following faiths:

Nursery: Christianity, Reception: Judaism, Year 1: Islam, Year 2: Buddhism.

The children have had some amazing experiences:

Reception visited a synagogue in Streatham where they were taken to the Sanctuary to see the Torah scrolls. Then, they went down to the hall where they moved around and acquainted themselves with plush versions of some Judaica ritual objects and had a chance to do some colouring and try on a kippot and tallit as a part of a kinaesthetic learning experience.

Year 2 visited a Buddhist Temple in Wimbledon. A monk showed them around and took them to the Temple. They listened to the story of the Buddha which was followed by learning greetings in Thai.

Unfortunately, as it was Ramadan, Year 1 were unable to visit a Mosque this year but they had a guest who came and talked about Islam.