Remote Learning – Advice for Parents

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As a staff we are committed to ensuring our children continue to learn at the Federation of St Bede’s and St Bernadette Catholic Schools. Whilst learning is important, the communities’ well-being is at the forefront. We understand that there may be times of illness, caring for the vulnerable and caring for other children within the home and this must be the priority for the community. However, we will endeavour to work in partnership with our learners and their families at this time and continue to learn and grow.

As this is a new way of learning for federation pupils, parents and staff we will undoubtedly encounter some challenges, but we will be resilient and tackle these when they arise and endeavour to improve the service as we progress.

What is Remote Learning?

Remote learning is where pupils cannot physically present at school. As children cannot access school to learn, their learning will take place online. It is important that children complete the work set.

Work will be set by teachers using the Google Classroom learning platform. 

Routine is key for children when learning at home.

Below is an example timetable. Your child’s daily class timetable can be found in their Google Classroom.

We appreciate that due to the need for parents and carers to work from home, access to suitable electronic devices or the internet may be limited which will affect your child’s ability to follow the timetable rigidly.

If your child is unable to access Google Classroom or your child would like to access some of the online resources used in school, click here.   If you have any concerns or questions about your child learning online please email: We will attempt respond to your query within 48 hrs

Go to our Online Safety page for help and advice about keeping children safe online.