Summer Learning/Activities


Espresso contains activities, videos, stories and articles relating to all areas of the Primary curriculum. We especially draw your attention to the Reception and Key Stage 1 activities which are designed to help children develop their letter sounds and number skills.

If you have a computer or tablet with internet access, you and your children can use Espresso at home. Take a look at your children’s weekly home learning to see what they have been learning in class and search Espresso for videos and activities to reinforce their learning.

Follow the link below and enter the school username and password to  access Espresso at home:

Username: student26700
Password: petal12


Lexia Core 5 Reading

Lexia is an individually tailored interactive phonics software program that is available in school to every child. Our children take part in Lexia Core 5 sessions as a whole class, in small groups or they work individually. When working individually, students are automatically placed at the correct level and work independently to develop their early reading skills. The program provides explicit, systematic, adaptive learning on foundational reading skills, scaffolding students as they struggle and advancing them to higher levels as they demonstrate proficiency.

If you have internet access via a computer or tablet, your child can continue their learning at home. Children who can commit to a daily 10 – 15 minutes on the program generally make good progress.

Follow the link below to access Lexia Core 5 at home:

If the link requires a teacher email, please enter

If you are using the app you need to download the Lexia Core5 Reading (UK) version.



Oxford Reading Buddy (ORB) is a digital reading service that supports each child’s personal reading journey, motivates them to succeed, and provides  our teachers with valuable insights into their attainment and development.

It is  easy to use and is used in class, groups and home to support children’s independent reading. 

  • Coaching eBooks that contain a personalised ‘Reading Buddy’ 
  • An extensive eBook library, with hundreds of eBooks from loved and trusted Oxford series such as Oxford Reading Tree. 
  • Comprehension quizzes that are carefully matched to each eBook.
  • Progression for every child that is underpinned by the expertly devised Oxford Levels system, ensuring every child is reading at the appropriate level for their needs
  • Detailed progress reports  and data to support teachers with insights into each child’s attainment and reading development.
  • An in-built reward system, where children gain badges as they progress in their reading, building motivation into every step of their reading journey
  • Click here to log on to ORB at home.
  • Opening eBooks on Apple devices Oxford Reading Buddy uses a number of different services to provide all the components in the product. This means we use security cookies to share details between these services so you can seamlessly access all parts of Oxford Reading Buddy after initial log in.  
  • Apple and Safari have increased their security and treat security cookies in the same way as marketing cookies. This means that if you are using an iPad or iPhone which is on iOS13 or a Mac using Safari 13, you may need to change your device settings to allow cookies and open the eBooks. If you don’t want to change your device settings, you could simply use Chrome on the same device.

    If you using a device on iOS13:

    Go to Settings → Safari → Privacy & Security → uncheck Prevent Cross-site Tracking

    If you are using a Mac:

    Safari → Preferences → Privacy → uncheck Prevent cross-site tracking

System Requirements

Hardware and System Requriements

Oxford Reading Buddy Technical Supportv3

Oxford Owl for School & Home

Free access for School and Home – wealth of free content on Owl for Home, including our full eBook library, activity sheets, and support videos, which will help parents whilst children are away from the classroom.

Please note: You will need to register your own email address to use the e-books library


Sumdog is a way for children to practice math skills while playing fun, math-related games against friends, classmates, or students from around the world. Games are individualized for each child’s ability level, so users can play against opponents who have the same skills. Sumdog’s educational games are used in thousands of schools worldwide. As children play the educational games, they answer questions – each one personalised to their own needs. It gets to know each child, guiding their learning, while reporting back to parents on their progress through the curriculum.

Follow the link below to access Sumdog at home:

Additional Resources

Primary Teaching Resources Classroom resources for teaching pupils at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage

Supporting parents and pupils by providing  high-quality plans of video lessons and learning resources. Which cover  a range of subjects including maths, English, art and languages.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The email will NOT be monitored over the Summer break. Please contact the relevent website directly with any issues logging in,

Learning Platform Contact Details:

Oxford Reading Buddy:

The Customer Services team are available Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5.00pm.

Phone: +44 (0) 1536 452610



Help with Sumdog

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